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Place water 15 feet from cover. Trees and shrubs are ideal – they provide a safe place for the ‘washed bird’ to perch and fluff  feathers until they dry.

Be careful about water depth. 1”-2” is perfect. Any deeper, and birds can drown. If you have a deep water feature, put in rocks to bring the bottom up near the surface. This will be safer for the birds, and reduce the amount of water needed.


What To Do



Provide water from spring through fall

Bird bath


Provide winter water

Heated bird bath


Provide running water

Purchase or build a shallow bath with a reservoir and pump. Running water does not provide a home for mosquito larva, and a pump with a filter will keep the water cleaner.


(as it were)

Provide multiple water types

Small containers are perfect for little birds

Water at different heights attracts different birds

Have some rocks in the sun, splash water on them to provide water for butterflies

A misting device will attract hummingbirds

Clean baths regularly to remove algae and avoid spreading disease. Many sources recommend a 10% bleach to water solution, followed by thorough rinsing. We have had good success using a simple kitchen scrubber.

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