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How Do I Do This ?


Yard 'before'

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Below are a number of Ohio-specific handouts with information & tips to help you invite nature to your yard.

Start Your Ohio Dream Yard Environmentally Friendly Lawn And Garden Care
Butterfly Quick Start Remove Grass Easily
Attract Butterflies to your Ohio yard Fall Yard Care That's Nature Friendly
Attract Hummingbird Moths  & Bumblebee Moths Winterize Your Yard For Wildlife
Attract Hummingbirds to your Ohio yard How to Build A Brush Pile
Attract Native Songbirds to your Ohio yard Build A Butterfly Log Cabin
Attract Bats To Your Yard Some Ohio Native Plant Sources
Attract Bees to Your Ohio Yard Shade Plant Listing

Once you've made some changes, you can apply for habitat certification on-line or by mail.

Online Habitat Certification

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