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Who We Are

Toni S tahl is a volunteer Habitat Ambassador Host working with the NationalWildlife Federation in the metro-Columbus area of Ohio. She works as part of a team of National Wildlife Federation volunteers to help the general public create wildlife habitat in their yards.

Toni designed a Wildlife Habitat in a small, typical residential yard (100 ft X 50 Ft) that was certified by National Wildlife Federation in 2003. One example of bringing diversity to this yard by adding many Ohio native plants and eliminating chemicals is that 2 kinds of butterflies in 2001 went to 34 different kinds in 2006 with representation from all 5 major butterfly families.

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The National Wildlife Federation Volunteer Team offers a variety of educational presentations to train about the use of native plants and basic conservation and provide educational displays for exhibits. They also host scheduled tours of their certified yards. Please contact this email if you are interested in being trained to join National Wildlife’s team of volunteers.


Website: www.backyardhabitat.info

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