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What Is The Impact ?

Read All About It:: Gardening For Wildlife

A brief overview by noted author and researcher Douglas Tallamy, published in the Wild Ones Journal, Volume 22, No. 2..

Want to see local proof of the value gardening for wildlife can bring? This yard has been the subject of two research studies measuring the changes observed during the  transition from traditional lawn & flowerbeds to native plants and chemical free gardening practices. This is a typical residential property on a 50' x 100' lot.

  1. The first study tracks wildlife diversity in our yard over a 6-year time span, and shows
    that wildlife diversity correlates directly to the diversity of chemical free native plant species.

  2. The second study compares our habitat yard with an adjacent "typical" yard where
    chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used, non-native and cultivar plants are the
    norm, and traditional landscaping practices are followed (including low mower height).
    This study currently covers a 2-year time span and documents major differences between
    the adjoining properties.

Click here to see a brief abstract of the study Click here to view an extended white paper on the studies, with
additional data and background
Click here to see brief
guidelines for replicating this study in your own yard

Here is a poster based on research studies, showing how:

  1. Sustainable practices greatly impact (and improve)  wildlife diversity over 5 years
  2. Sustainable care compares with traditional yard care on an adjacent property

Here are specific recommendations drawn from the study results which should be implemented widely by
property owners, government officials, schools, farmers and landscape professionals.

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