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Links Of Interest

National Wildlife Federation
Backyard Habitat Program

Information on how to improve your yard and share it with songbirds, butterflies and more.

Certify My Yard

Online application to have your yard certified as a Habitat.

Citizen Science Document climate changes in your area, learn about climate change and other environmental issues
Ohio Wildlife Center A great volunteer-based organization with more than 25 years of dedication to rescuing and rehabilitating wild animals.
www.scramwildlife.org  Scram! Wildlife Control� is the only 100% no kill service in the Columbus area and guarantees removal of wildlife. Call their 24-hr hotline 614-763-0696


NWF sponsored site, a place to look up plants, butterflies and more. Great info with plenty of  educational value for the whole family.


A neat site for hard to identify bugs


Track Monarch migration, get information on Monarch butterflies, certify your own yard as a Monarch Waystation for the annual migrations to and from the mountains of Mexico


Track Ruby Throated Hummingbirds as they return to Ohio. Educational materials for K-12 students covering annual migrations of numerous species around the globe (curriculum standards based).

Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC)
Center for Energy & Environment

Information on ways to improve air & water quality, energy efficiency, and links to a variety of resources

Friends of the Lower Olentangy Watershed (FLOW)

Dedicated to improving water quality for the Olentangy River

Ohio Invasive Plant Council

Dedicated to identifying invasive plants in Ohio and sharing information with the public. Contains links to national sites as well

Wild Ones

National native plant & natural landscaping organization. There is a Columbus chapter.

Sustainable Sites Initiative

Landscape design principles for sustainable planning, design, and implementation - with examples


AltEnergyStore.com - unique renewable energy solutions of all sorts

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