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Tip: Place flowers near windows so you can watch your nature visitors.


What To Do



Bird Feeder with a nearby shrub or tree to provide cover & safety

Annual flowers

Window Feeder (clear with suction cups)

Hanging feeders with small feed openings

Hanging baskets of flowers


Common native perennials that produce nectar and seeds

Leave plants standing until Motherís Day, birds will feed all winter long

No pesticides please

Black-eyed Susan

Purple Coneflower



Multiple native flowers, trees and shrubs that flower, fruit & produce seeds through spring, summer and fall

 Marsh Milkweed (summer flower, fall & winter seeds)

Aster (summer & fall blooms)

Common Juniper (berries ripen in April)


Create a prairie with native flowers & grasses intermingled (full sun)

Hackberry, Burr Oak, Wild Cherry

Eastern Redbud, Grey Dogwood, Serviceberry

Nannyberry Viburnum

For lists of plants that feed songbirds, butterflies and more, see these documents:

Bringing Hummingbirds to Your Yard

Bringing Butterflies to Your Yard

Creating a Forest Edge for Bird Diversity Including Songbirds

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