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Places To Raise Young:


What To Do



Provide a nesting place

Bird house - mounting height and hole size will vary depending on specific species


Plant native shrubs with thick branch & leaf growth

Provide a variety of houses, with holes sized to suit the type of songbird you hope to attract


Add a Bat House

Add a Bee House

Bat House Specifications:
   Minimum 15 feet high
   Open space below for bats to
     drop at beginning of their flight
   Full sun, bats will move around
     to find the proper temperature
   Light color to prevent

Bee House:
   Block of untreated wood
   Hole size varies depending
     on target species of bee


Pick your species, find the right home setting

Grow your own birdhouse gourds
Create a Snag from a dead tree
Put up a Chimney Swift Tower


Butterfly houses are not functional, they are decorative. At best they will be home to wasps or bees.

Clean birdhouses annually, to prevent mite infestations in old nesting materials

If a baby bird falls from the nest, leave it alone so the mother can look after it. Only consider replacing the bird in the nest if it does not have any/many feathers.

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